Antonio Benítez's biography

Workshop leader at the European juggling conventions , Norway, Argentina, Canada,Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Denmark, Slovenia, Holland, Germany, Greece, Basque Country, etc… from 1994 to 2015.

Circus trainer at circus school Chapito, Potugal 1998-1999

Trainer of trainers of Social Circus (Cirque du monde program, Cirque du soleil) in Mexico, South Africa,Ecuador, Brazil,Cameron ,Honduras,Argentina, Haiti, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile 2008- 2018

Creativity and Pedagogy Workshops Trainer, Chile 2013, Panama2016, Ecuador 2015, Puerto Rico 2016, Peru 2017,Guatemala 2017, Spain 2017, Spain 2018,2019

Creativity workshop Trainer with Unicef and the Mexican institute of climate change Mexico 2017.

Creativity Trainer Senegal 2019

Social Circus Trainer Mauritius islands 2019

Circus Trainer at Kulta , Norway 2021-2023

Social Art Trainer ,Albuquerque,USA 2023